Why did we start INCRMNTAL?

Let’s take a look back…

In the past decades, the world has been disrupted by the internet. 

The promise of the digital era was a direct interaction with the customer, the ability to measure the performance of campaigns, and for many brands – an end-to-end digital user experience.

Digital brands spend their ad budgets almost exclusively on digital media and legacy brands followed.
The return on investment was there for those who executed well, but measuring performance relied heavily on user-level data availability and attribution technologies.

Attribution is not measurement

The need and ability to measure performance of ad spend is at the core of every company marketing their products. 

Using attribution technologies, marketers were able to track impressions, clicks, and associate those to conversions, however, this was an elephant in the room, as what became the most predominant method of attribution was last-touch attribution. Giving ALL the credit to the media provider that last “touched” the user before converting. 

Digital marketing almost stopped being about relevancy, creative, or placement, but a race to the bottom.

Imagine giving 100% credit to the player who scored a goal in a football game. To the point of firing the other players.

Marketing doesn’t work like this, and marketers need a better way to measure VALUE. Not count clicks.

INCRMNTAL’s vision is to evolve marketing from measuring clicks to measuring VALUE.

Eliminating the bias, by using technology to measure the incremental value ad spend has over performance. We are giving an unprecedented advantage and solution to advertisers. 

INCRMNTAL empowers all advertisers: 

Regardless of industry.
Whether they are operating cross-platform
If they run digital only campaigns, offline or a combination. 

INCRMNTAL was built with user-privacy as its core. We are not interested in receiving sensitive user data as the platform does not require any of this to run any measurement.

This is our philosophy.
This is our company.

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