Autonomous Measurement 

INCRMNTAL's newest platform driving the next evolution in marketing measurement. Autonomous is a completely omnichannel marketing measurement tool. If a marketer is running campaigns on Search, Social, TV, Influencers, OOH or any other medium - Autonomous reports the value of each of the channels. 

Autonomous is an always-on incrementality measurement platform, which automatically shows the marketer where they gained or lost conversions, sales, revenues, or whatever metrics they are interested in seeing and why.

Marketers can view a heatmap which shows potential opportunities and issues - for example - where they increased spend and had no returns - or where they increased spend and enjoyed substantial gains in performance and efficiencies.

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Autonomous experience

Pau Sicilia - Performance Marketing Manager

Autonomous takes all the guesswork out of marketing measurement and saves us considerable time in evaluating the success of our marketing activities, as it does the work for us. As a result of using Autonomous, we’ve been able to measure the true incremental value of our global campaigns. The dashboard enables us to see precisely where our spend is generating revenue for the business and where it’s not, so we can optimise our budget to the greatest effect.