Audio are not like other mediums

Audio Ads span traditional radio, digital radio, podcast advertising, 
and in-game audio ads. 
Measuring the performance of Audio advertising in today's world
mostly relies on dedicated call centers, or unique domain names. 
Audio Ads importance and popularity is rising, but applying 
traditional measurement methods provides a limited visibility 
over the true performance.


Audio Ads need the future of measurement

INCRMNTAL is the Future of Audio Marketing Measurement

Our platform measures the actual cross-platform value generated by your Audio campaigns

  • Measure new campaigns launched within days, not weeks
  • Measure changes in spend, and commercial, allowing near real-time optimization
  • Measure the holistic performance of Audio campaigns across all platforms: Mobile, Web, Retail, Consoles
  • Go as granular as DMA, State, or National Advertising Measurement 
  • Integrate in a day without any codes, tags, or engineering resources

How INCRMNTAL measures Audio advertising?

  1. Link your marketing data to INCRMNTAL effortlessly.
  2. INCRMNTAL analyzes your marketing changes like mini experiments.
  3. It takes 2 minutes for the platform to measure and report the value from your marketing actions.


Check out a few case studies from Advertisers

using our platform to measure Audio Ads:


We had been told it was impossible to measure OOH campaigns. let alone understand their performance at different times of the year. INCRMNTAL debunked that myth. Using INCRMNTAL we measured our OOH campaigns from billboards and busses at public transport stations across Sweden. Beyond measuring the campaigns, we were able to develop and understand cohorts. These insights allowed us to plan our future OOH campaigns.

Our platform is trusted by the following Advertisers: