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Anton Bugaev, Data Analyst, Bolt

Seasonality and external factors have a strong effect on rider's behavior. Understanding the impact of external factors on acquisition metrics is key for better-informed decisions about marketing investment. Using INCRMNTAL we were able to get insights about the incremental impact that a holiday like New Year's Eve had on our metrics. This year we will be validating and bringing those insights to action in our ads budgeting strategy. Anton Bugaev, Data Analyst

Makoto Rheault-Kihara, Head of User Acquisition, Hopper

Measuring incrementality has always been important for us, as incrementality measures the true value of our marketing activities. INCRMNTAL got it right. The INCRMNTAL platform allows us to measure the actual value of our campaigns, while taking seasonality into consideration in every measurement. INCRMNTAL also allows us to measure and understand cross channel influence across all of our activities, including TV, influencers, and more. Makoto Rheault-Kihara, Head of User Acquisition