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All Your Marketing Measurement In One Platform

INCRMNTAL is the future of measurement - no user level data and or experimentation-  granting advertisers insights to optimize their marketing strategy. 

Measure incremental value without experiments

The platform automatically logs operational marketing changes- using those as micro-experiments. New channels launched, bid changes, creative changes, or even promotions you ran with new customers.

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Unlock iOS, Web, Android, and Omni-Channel Measurement

Most measurement platforms offer point solutions. With INCRMNTAL, you can understand the incremental value across each or all of your platforms.

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Understand the impact of external events out of your control

Marketing performance is not solely influenced by your advertising. External events that are out of your control play a significant impact. These could be seasonality, promotions, holidays, trends, and so on. INCRMNTAL considers external variables during measurements.

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Built to Improve your Marketing Measurement

How can INCRMNTAL run measurements without user-level data?



Seamlessly integrate your data using any data source you’re already using to connect marketing KPI data and ad spends. There is no need for any tech resources. We don’t have an SDK, Pixels or Tags.

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The platform will automatically log your marketing activities. Set your custom marketing goals on the platform: CPAs, ROAS, or your own benchmarks.

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Start measuring within minutes. INCRMNTAL uses casual data science to identify the incremental value of your campaigns over your overall marketing strategy.

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Built for all industries



Travel & Mobility

Lifestyle products

E-comm & Retail



Measure all your marketing activities and understand which channels are bringing you the best players. Gaming partners use INCRMNTAL to: 

  • Measure across iOS, as INCRMNTAL measures value, not clicks
  • Identify channels that cannibalize your paid or organic results
  • Allocate budgets to where the most incremental value is achieved
  • Measure the incremental impact of product updates, promotions, SEO and ASO changes

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Built for Smart Marketers

Growth Marketer

Get incrementality measurement within minutes. The platform was built around the needs of the growth marketer, providing clear and actionable results, showing you where you need to increase or cut ad spend that has proven to have no incremental value.

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Marketing Analyst

INCRMNTAL is a power tool for marketing analysts. Allocate budgets based on true value, while being able to find the point of diminishing return, knowing when you should start thinking of diversifying your ad spend. 

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Data Analyst

INCRMNTAL is a data science platform, providing full transparency into the modeling of each measurement. Data Scientists and Data Analysts use the platform to validate internal predictions. 

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