Measure beyond the click

Last touch attribution gave 100% credit to whoever touched the user last. 

This on its own created problems with marketing measurement. 
The Android Privacy Sandbox will eliminate user-level tracking,

making click based last touch attribution a complete and utter mess.
You need a measurement solution that goes beyond the click.



INCRMNTAL is the Future of Android Measurement

Our platform measures the actual value generated by your channels, 
campaigns, and ad groups without relying on user-level data. 

  • Measure the incrementality of your Android marketing activities
  • Reduce waste by identifying the channels cannibalizing organics 
  • Trace scaling opportunities where incrementality is high
  • Optimize your Android ad spend based on its true value 
  • Integrate in a day without any SDKs

How INCRMNTAL measures Android campaigns?

  1. Link your marketing data to INCRMNTAL effortlessly.
  2. INCRMNTAL analyzes your marketing changes like mini experiments.
  3. It takes 2 minutes for the platform to measure and report the value from your marketing actions.

Check out a few case studies from Android App Developers

using our platform:

Gamehouse Mobile

It sometimes takes just one measurement to show why incrementality measurement is a better way to make decisions about testing new channels, scaling spend up or down. While attribution only reports based on a user-match, incrementality looks at the true impact. We've been using INCRMNTAL for our established and soft launched games, measuring value, rather than only counting impressions and clicks.


INCRMNTAL goes beyond the paradigm of user level attribution. It attributes the value we got from all our marketing activities. We can identify campaigns and channels that have little to no, actual incremental value (i.e. cannibalization). As well as the campaigns and channels that contribute to substantial incremental value. Doing so, allows us to allocate our budgets based on where we’re getting the most value.


Measuring incrementality has always been important for us, as incrementality measures the true value of our marketing activities. INCRMNTAL got it right. The INCRMNTAL platform allows us to measure the actual value of our campaigns, while taking seasonality into consideration in every measurement. INCRMNTAL also allows us to measure and understand cross channel influence across all of our activities, including TV, influencers, and more.

Our platform is trusted by the following Android App Developers:

Kindred Group