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Pro Analysis tool

Measure your Marketing Activities Down to the Details

Visual representation of the prediction and modeling process

  • Exploring the prediction modeling process
  • Full transparency into the variables, coefficients, and split distribution
  • Every result starts with a 95% confidence interval 
  • Measures the impact of external effects on marketing efforts - for example what is the contribution of my promotion, what is the contribution of Black Friday to my preform. 
measurement modeling

The first ever activity change log

The platform tracks your marketing activities completely automatically, across all of your digital as well as your offline channels. This is done through a combination of implementing change logs (activity history), as well as inferring changes from changes in your ad spend. You can also configure additional activities such as Product change, Price changes, Promotion, and more, using the platform or programmatically.

track marketing changes

Get data-driven recommendation with Actionable Insights

Gain a competitive edge with Actionable Insights: Our feature takes your marketing efforts to the next level by analyzing incrementality measurement results and providing you with actionable insights. 
No more guesswork or time wasted on deciphering data – our platform tells you precisely what actions to take to boost your marketing efficiency.

Maximize your ROI and stay ahead of the competition with data-driven recommendation for better marketing decision that deliver real results.

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Gameloft is an extremely data driven company, prioritizing accuracy, reliability, and security of our data. We have been testing INCRMNTAL for quite a while now, it has passed all of our rigorous data science validation tests and provided us with the level of transparency into the modeling process, allowing us to gain the necessary trust in the platform before deploying the platform across our wider marketing organization across our gaming brands. The platform already started providing us with ongoing granular actionable insights, recommendations for optimizations and validations of marketing tests that we would not been able to achieve in the same capacity and speed if it wasn’t for INCRMNTAL.