About the author

Arun Srinivasan

Arun Srinivasan is the CEO/co-founder of Clarisights, a self-service marketing reporting platform filling in a gap in the traditional marketing reporting tech stack. Clarisights empowers enterprise marketing teams to run their day-to-day reporting and ad hoc analytics without dependencies on data teammates, SQL or spreadsheets. This enables teams to improve marketing efficiency and steer budgets more effectively.

Clarisights works with some of the most sophisticated marketing teams, including those at Uber, Delivery Hero, Universal Music Group, On, and HelloFresh, to help them understand and visualize their data. To work at such scale and solve the needs for modern enterprise marketing teams, Clarisights built much of their foundational engineering from the ground-up.

Prior to co-founding Clarisights, Arun spent his career working in marketing at a number of companies, including bwin Sports and Hostelworld. Clarisights’ other co-founders, Ankur Gupta and Ashu Pachauri, previously worked as engineers at Google and Meta. In 2018, Arun, Ankur and Ashu founded Clarisights after seeing that enterprise marketing teams were poorly served by BI-dependent dashboards and to build a flexible reporting solution focused specifically on marketing use cases.