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Best TV Ads Tracking Software

Monitor Your Advertising Activity on TV

TV Advertising budgets are going down, based on a RACONTEUR Study. Users attention is directed at their smartphones, leading advertising budgets to follow through.  

Though users attention is shifting to their smartphones - “dual screening” (watching TV while using a smartphone) continues positioning TV as a strong and effective medium for Advertisers: 

  • Reach - TV reaches a large audience

  • ROI - studies show that TV Advertising leads to an average ROI of about 60% 

  • Trust - Customers perception is that “if it’s on TV - it’s real” making TV advertising increase brand loyalty and validates that the brand is trustworthy enough for consumers to spend money on - even if the product is a digital product

The challenge with TV advertising is that unlike digital advertising - tracking if/when/where ads were broadcasted is a difficult task, especially if operating national and international campaigns.


For this, We gathered a list of the best TV advertising tracking software in the market:

“The New Standard for TV Ad Measurement”

This company provides an incredible tracking solution for TV ad campaigns.

Combining Automated Content Recognition (ACR) and over 15 million opt-in TV devices - iSpot catalogs, every ad placement broadcasted anywhere in the united states as well as matches it to local demographics data based on the US Census data. 

iSpot offers TV attribution built for Causal Impact - using advanced machine learning models as well as a dynamically built audience control group to provide the most accurate TV campaign attribution.

iSpot also has some free online ad charts for best ads, and top spenders showcasing how their technology automatically catalogs data over on-air ads. 

For more information:


Actus Digital

“Actus AdWatch is a cost effective platform for automatic TV ad tracking and ads detection for commercials verification and competitors monitoring.”

This small startup from Belgium offers Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and many other products to ensure ad placement around the world, compliance reporting to local regulations, and copyright infringements.

The biggest benefit of Actus is the fact that relying only on technology rather than control groups allows them to offer value at lower costs to Advertisers.

The platform provides detailed reports over ad placement, channel, meta information, and timestamp. 

For more information: Actus Digital


TVision Insights

“TVision is a TV marketing technology firm that delivers real-time performance metrics for advertising effectiveness and efficiency.”

This New York, VC backed company, promises to provide measurement of TV ads views, allowing Advertisers to understand the true impact of their TV campaigns and reduce waste for low or no attention span.

The company does not provide much information about the technology itself, but it is expected that TVision Insights combines ACR with Control Groups to provide tracking and measurement for Advertisers and Agencies. 

For more information: TVision Insights



“Gain critical insights into precisely how TV content, spots or cross-platform campaigns influence business outcomes, and how best to strengthen your bonds with customers.”

TVadSync is one of the leading ACR providers, monitoring channels regionally and nationally and extracting ad information, categorizing ads and enriching the meta information for digestion and analytics. 

TVadSynch also offers cross platform attribution directed towards TV advertisers.For more information: TVadSync



“A self-service, web-based application that reports TV viewership of programming and advertising by custom defined (advanced) audiences.”

6ix 0ero 5ive is a NY based technology company gaining momentum and customers, offering ACR and a 21 million anonymized TV base to provide tracking and attribution of ads. 605 claims to offer 100% deterministic attribution for TV.

For more information: 605



“The VideoAmp Platform enables advertisers to optimize their entire portfolio of linear TV, OTT and digital video to business outcomes, measuring how their ads performed against metrics that matter. Powered by the largest, highest quality commingled TV datasets and data science methodologies built from the ground up, we have created a privacy-compliant suite of solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers to discover, amplify and analyze the entire path to conversion.”

With over $100M in funding, This LA based company offers the most comprehensive TV tracking and measurement digital solutions. 

Offering “Data as a Service” - VideoAmp allows Advertisers to access an extensive commingled TV viewership data, which can be tied to other datasets at the ID level for further analysis for proprietary attribution models and incrementality measurement.

For more information: VideoAmp


INCRMNTAL is an incrementality testing platform providing marketers with actionable insights to unlock the full value of their marketing spend. You can connect your TV tracking software to get insights over the value of your TV campaigns.

If you want to learn more, visit INCRMNTAL or book a demo today!

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