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What is Incrementality Software As A Service ? (Incrementality SaaS)

Incrementality testing used to be the only method marketers could measure the effectiveness of their advertising activities. 

The method used to test incrementality was to perform a siloed test, creating a control and test group of users in order to compare the results generated by users who saw ads vs. those who did not.


A common approach was to turn off campaigns for periods of time, allowing advertisers to compare sales results during periods when advertising was on against periods where advertising was off.

Providing an incrementality SaaS product allows pricing the product as a software rather than a service. An incrementality SaaS company invests into time series research, providing insights about campaign incrementality or channel cannibalization within seconds. 


INCRMNTAL is an incrementality testing software as a service.

With digital Advertising, marketers had the ability to track campaign results in near real time, and the option of running incrementality tests by stopping all campaigns seemed wasteful.


Some Advertising platforms offered Advertisers to create audience splits targeting a portion of the users with dummy ads or ghost ads, comparing the performance of those to users that saw ads.

This approach was phased out with privacy restrictions eliminating the option of identifying users for the sake of targeting.


Incrementality Software As A Service is an innovative approach born thanks to developments in machine learning and AI, allowing software to create millions of time series data at extreme scale, identify the right signals  and process this using statistical models, causal inference etc... to produce predictions with an extremely high confidence level.