incrementality comparison

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What is Incrementality Testing?

Incrementality testing is a term referring to Advertisers ability to understand which of their marketing activities are creating incremental value and which of their activities are possibly cannibalizing results.

There are several methods of incrementality testing. Some methods require the marketer to perform an action, and some methods that do not require the marketer to do anything different.

Note: INCRMNTAL offers continuous incrementality measurement using Causal Inference.

  • Causal InferenceUtilizing machine learning and AI to evaluate and measure incremental value of activities as they run.


  • Randomized Control GroupCreating a split in the audience seeing ads, to differentiate the results of those who saw an ad and those who did not.


  • BlackoutsCreating an advertising blackout by stopping all campaigns and comparing the results of sales with and without any advertising activities.


  • Partial BlackoutsCreating a series of advertising blackouts by stopping specific regions, channels, and / or countries.


  • Surveys & PanelsAsking users directly how they were or were not impacted by the presence of advertising campaigns.